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The foundation

20 years ago - 2002 - we founded the trading company Meba Steel & Industrial Supplies Trade GmbH in Dusseldorf.

Meanwhile, we are appreciated at home and abroad,

  • because our extensive knowledge of the international market enables us to meet the needs and requirements of our customers
  • because we only supply high quality material
  • coupled with competitive prices
  • fast processing of inquiries
  • when it comes to special requests, we are extremely flexible
  • in the processing of orders, we are the benchmark for precision

And by the way ....... Do you know how to solve problems?
Quite simply: By finding someone who solves problems!
You found us!

The extension

If you want to produce economically efficiently, you need a flexible supplier as a partner with your own extensive warehouse.

For this reason, we relocated our location from Düsseldorf to Essen in June 2012. We now have a 6000 sqm trading warehouse for:

  • sheets
  • rounded steel
  • steel bars
  • steel angels
  • square steel 
  • U-profiles

Now we can fulfill the customer requests as quickly as possible. Our skilled sales, production and service staff work with the same precision that characterizes our products - that's the safety of our international customers.

Our Code of Conduct towards our clients is very closely linked to the mission statement of our company. This not least results in our corporate concept.

Do you have any questions or requirements that are not covered by our delivery program?
Our friendly team is always at your disposal with help and advice.
You can reach us by phone at +49 (0) 201 36 14 93 0
or use our
contact form for your request.

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